Still here and still adding new services and merchandise

Our Pharmacy is Open for your Prescriptions, over the counter needs and gifts and apparel products even during this trying time.  We understand the need for Social Distancing even in this setting and ask our customers to maintain 6 feet distance from the next customer.  We are happy to take calls and deliver your product right to your car out front of the store.  

Diamondhead customers can now call for Delivery services. 

Experiencing symptoms of fever, coughing or trouble breathing?  Stay in your car, call us at 228-255-7800 ext 3 for pharmacy or ext 4 for the gift department, and we will help you and bring your items out to you.

It's never been easier to shop with us.  We are here to meet your physical, spiritual (yes, we will pray for you!) and social gifting needs at this time. 

We will ship your gifts and apparel right to your door via UPS or USPS.  

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Love's Pharmacy

Love's Pharmacy of Ocean Springs

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ps. remember to ask how to order your refills from our mobile app.